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                                           Leavittsburg Named For?

        There has been more than one accounting of how Leavittsburg got its name.  Some read that our town was named for Enoch Leavitt.  Others for Samuel Leavitt. Still another for Enoch, Samuel and John. Here are two:

       Esquire John Leavitt designated a village in Warren Township.  The public square was planned on an old Indian clearing east of where the town of Leavittsbur stands today.  It faced south and remained an open common for about 50 years but no records of a town being started during that time can be found.  The public square eventually was incorporated into a farm that adjoined  it.     

    The square was partly restored in the form of the Memorial Park on West Market Street in the LaBrae High School parking lot just east of North Leavitt Road.  The platted Leavittsburg village was intended to become a merchantile center.  A contract with Esq. Leavitt stipulated that a saw and gristmill be constructed.  They were completed in 1802                                                         

      As stated in 1882 History of Trumbull and Mahoning County by H.Z. Williams and Brothers:  The Leavitt family consisting of three brothers is considered the founders of the area.  The three Leavitt brothers were John (known as Captain and Squire), Samuel and Eanoch Sr.

     The name Leavittsburg, not found in Township records until 1821, was adopted as a compliment to all three Leavitt families whose land was located around the public sqaure.

A post office with the name Leavittsburgh was established March 15, 1864; the spelling was amended to Leavittsburg with effect from July 19, 1893.


LaBrae High School Mascot: Vikings The name LaBrae is a combination of the names Leavittsburg and Braceville, two separate school districts which were merged in 1970 to form the new school district. The name was suggested by a local student.


LaBrae High School is a public high school in Leavittsburg, Ohio. It is the only high school in the LaBrae Local School District. Their mascot is the Vikings. LaBrae's school colors are scarlet and grey.  Address: 1001 N Leavitt Rd, Leavittsburg, OH 44430



                                    Brief History of Leavittsburg First Church of the Nazarene

    Our Church, Leavittsburg First Church of the Nazarene, the first church was called Meadowbrook  Church of the Nazarene, located on the corner of Burwell and Pendleton Road, and was built in 1952. The new church building is located down from the old church building on Pendleton Road, it was dedicated in September 1976 and was renamed Leavittsburg First Church of the Nazarene. The Meadowbrook Church of the Nazarene building was demolished on September 13, 2011.  The present location at 4175 Pendleton Road in Leavittsburg, Ohio 44430. 

Click here for a map and directions to Leavittsburg First Church Nazarene.